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Single class $45
10 classes $400
20 classes $760

Learning should be fun for everyone, bwskids class is designed to assist children with discovering their strengths and also to improve in the areas which they are still developing while building confidence.
Regardless of age, feeling empowered is
important and we encourage all of our children to show support of each other by working together for maximum results with team effort.

The 45 minutes will include

  • A warm up routine.

  • Learning how to stretch the muscles.

  • Hands & legs coordination (Footwork drills)

  • Hands and eyes coordination (Agility cone)

  • Cardio.

  • Obstacles course (Team work)

  • Daily challenge.

  • Cool down

Mon, Wed, Fri 5:00pm-5:45pm
Location. Pier 25
Tribeca, Manhattan NYC.

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