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Boxing Training

Each session will include a variety of boxing drills, I will teach you how to setup and throw accurate punches. Also how to hit the bag, shadow boxing, and footwork. Students will also go through a variety of core, cardio exercises. Each session will be designed to teach professional boxing and self defense skills. You will gain strength, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and confidence in a full body workout. 

Price: $150


Strength and Conditioning

We will focus primarily on your body development. Strength training will help you move faster because it will make your muscles stronger, allowing you to make more rapid and explosive movements to increase your punching power. Conversely, your conditioning determines how long you’ll be able to run before the body gets too tired to make those movements and how long you'll last during your boxing workout. 

Price: $150


Boxing + Strength Training

If you’ve ever watched a boxing match, you’ve seen how a boxer has to be able to make fast and explosive movements, like punching and evading their opponent’s punches, over the course of anywhere from 8 to 15 rounds in that bout. That’s why boxers have to perform a combination of both resistance and endurance training when preparing for a fight, to ensure they have the strength and conditioning needed to win. Whether you’re training to become a boxer, or to simply get in better shape, the fundamentals of fitness are the same. If you want to improve your strength, your focus should be on lifting weights. If you want to improve your conditioning, your focus should be on cardiovascular exercises. If you want to become an exceptional boxer you should train for boxing. If you want all of these you should boxwithsimmy.

Price: $175


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