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BWS Tee: Black

BoxWithSimmy logo is a symbol of strength, wear it proudly and let the world know that you are STRONG!

BWS Hoodie Black

The BoxWithSimmy logo is a strong symbol that represents Simmy's resilience and strength, inspired by growing up in Sophia, Guyana. Even though Sophia lacked basic things like drinking water, roads, and electricity, the people there, including Simmy, had something special. courage!

Think of the logo like an architect that builds character. It shows how Simmy faced challenges in Sophia, and these experiences shaped who he is today. The logo isn't just about physical strength; it's a reminder of the toughness developed in a place with limited comforts but abundant courage.

BoxWithSimmy's training goes beyond just boxing, it's about preparing for life's challenges. The BWS logo represents Simmy's dedication to helping others build resilience, so they can face and conquer their own life storms.

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