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Boxing Class 'Offensive Mastery' Dubbed the Gold Standard in Lower Manhattan, NYC

The Offensive Mastery boxing class, held at Gloveworx gym in the World Trade Center and hosted by BoxWithSimmy, has quickly become the hottest trending five-stars boxing class on ClassPass in New York City. Unlike traditional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) boxing classes, Offensive Mastery is said to be offering a unique blend of skill refinement, fitness improvement, and sheer enjoyment in smaller groups.

Offensive Mastery
Offensive Mastery

At the core of Offensive Mastery is the art of perfecting punching techniques. Simmy, a former WBC welterweight champion with a passion for the sport and fitness, guides participants through a comprehensive training regimen that goes beyond the basics.  It integrates bodyweight movements and muscle contraction elements, fostering longevity in participants' training experiences, where they find themselves not just sweating but also immersed in acquiring a new skill within an engaging and empowering environment.

Compared to other popular HIIT boxing classes like Rumble, Offensive Mastery stands out as a one-of-a-kind experience. The program's emphasis on skill development and the joy of mastering the art of boxing sets it apart from the rest. Simmy's charismatic coaching style and the supportive atmosphere at Gloveworx gym create a non-competitive, non-intimidating environment.

For those seeking a fantastic fitness experience, Offensive Mastery is the undisputed choice. The class promises not just a workout but an opportunity to find your full potential in the world of boxing. Sign up for classes on


Offensive Mastery


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