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Devin Haney is a 2-Division Champ: 1 by email, 1 by Unanimous Decision.

Yo, listen up! Devin "Daddy" Haney schooled Progais like it was his first day of school! Progais talk the talk, and Haney showed him how to walk the walk.

Like any dad would. Haney disciplined him for his potty mouth and taught him some respect. Lol,  Progais put up a fight, holding onto that belt like it was his favorite toy being taking away.

Leading up to the fight, Progais was convincing me that he intended to throw more left and rights and less tantrums about what he was gonna do. But when the bell rang, his punches were like gugu gaga. Haney, on the other hand, is a master of his craft, painting the canvas with his opponents like a DaVinci of boxing. His masterpieces just keep getting better!

Shouts out to Haney for taking home another title and becoming a 2-time champ, one by email and another by unanimous decision.

Progais may have lost this one, but he's a tough cookie who'll bounce back if he gets another shot. Anyway, mad respect to all fighters who step into the ring, putting it all on the line. This article may be filled with slick talk, but at the end of the day, we're all about that boxing life! Word!


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